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gleefullydelusional: I feel a bit sorry for the Glee cast. I imagine they go into the recording studio with an idea of how its going to sound, that Anders bloke fiddles around with songs so much it doesnt sound like the ones you know. I wonder how much input they have on a song. 

I’m guessing not too much.

weezbegoingtobreadstix: Can you tell us who was gonna sing "Doo Wop" in the Gleedos? ;) 

I believe it was going to be Artie and Mercedes on lead with others as backup.

perpetualteenager: Doo Wop wasn't that bad, I think :-) I think Amber's pretty good but Naya's voice sounded very soft. Wonder what happened to her. 

I only liked the chorus. Naya’s rapping was hard on my ears NGL.

But again, my biggest problem with Glee’s songs for these past three to four years have been how robotic they all sound (save for a few). One of the biggest things that sells a song for me is feeling and there just…isn’t any as of late. It’s like they’re singing just to get it over with, not because they’re enjoying it like they possibly used to in the past.

Glee did another song we’re doing in the Gleedos. “Doo Wop” which I’m surprised they decided to cover horribly.

ETA: Oh wait, we were going to do that song, but had switched it.

outrageouslyawesomebanana: The colors would be of that stupid blue and white polo he always wore. 

You’re like the fourth person to say that lol! Therefore…

hunterwoolsey: I'm glad you changed the look of the glee characters, because Emma used to scare the shit out of me 😱😨 

We purposefully made her eyes as freaky as possible for the Spoofs.


@DiannaSimgron Proud of this one. @NayaSimera


@DiannaSimgron Proud of this one. @NayaSimera

This was submitted to me:

Really? Wemma’s baby is also a tribute to Finn? First the auditorium and now an innocent child. They should just rename McKinley to Finn Hudson High.

What would the colors be for Finn Hudson High?


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