hunterwoolsey: Ok I lied this is the last time I'm messaging you today becuase omfg the songs are fucking awesome and it sounds like the old glee ugh thank you so much for your hard work I love u boss 

its-all-coming-back-to-me: MY HOT BAE ROB HAS THE VOICE OF AN ANGEL 



"Walk This Way" - Sam Evans (Rob Ryan)


"Give Me One Reason" - Gleedo Cast


"Rock and Roll All Nite" - Gleedo Cast

hunterwoolsey: This is my last time messaging you today but am I the only one pissed off at Aria because of how she yelled at Hannah? Like damn why can't any older men be nice in Rosewood? 

Trust me you’re not the only one who was side-eyeing that scene. Aria seemed really out of character…actually all of the girls (with the exception Ali because we still don’t really know her) felt out of character this episode. And I’m getting real sick of these creepy old dudes coming on to young girls…like wtf? I’ve never seen a show do this to this extent.

  • Ezra
  • Zack
  • Ian
  • Wren
  • Wilden
  • That club of guys (or whatever)

This episode was so predictable…and that’s troubling because PLL is usually never predictable IMO. In all honesty, I think this season had a strong start, but has since been floundering a bit. Maybe the second half of the season will be better.

hunterwoolsey: Ok so there are these two teenagers who are famous on social media. There names are Acacia and Nash. A few years ago nudes of Acacia (not showing any actual nudity) were leaked online. Acacia apologized even though she didn't have to. Whenever Acacia posts something she gets hate (sometimes more hate then love) Nash is homophobic and made girls feel bad about themselves because he made a video about what he doesn't like in girls. Nash does not get as much as hate as her. See the problem here? 


Glee by Hans Von Hozel - Narrated by Boss