Yesssssss, Xena Spoof 2!

It’s not a spoof.

  • The plan is to have the next Pretty Little Liars Spoof out before the end of the month. Filming right now.
  • Finished filming Gleedo 2 and I’m now editing.
  • Also working on other spoofs like the next Kardashians Spoof.
  • For more updates on videos check HERE.


Bloopers from Gleedo 1 - From the Top

You should watch Misfits! But the first 3 seasons only.

I’ll start on series 4.

michellie-tgp: And what UK tv shows did you watch in the past? 

Skins series 3 &4 plus the movie—mostly for naomily but I ended up interested in all of the characters and would watch episodes. And I used to watch “Keeping Up Appearances” when it would randomly rerun. Also, Little Britain and Little Britain USA, but I guess the latter is considered more of an American show. :3

Me too XD. Sometimes on Tuesday when I go to my dash and I see that big alert I’m like “Yes! It’s that time of week again! Uh…so it’s Tuesday already?” I love the fact that you take time to answer to you shyest followers.

Welp after that survey I held where 40% (?) of the people said they were afraid to talk to me, something had to be done! It really is a fun day though and I always feel bad when I’m not able to do it when things pop up. :(

rikkid: 28,000 people on omegle right now, after the second try I found someone who watches the glee spoofs. It's safe to say you're kind of famous. 


Haha! No, but I went on there once asking about Glee Spoof and the girl I was talking to only kept asking if I wanted to webcam. I said no and then she sent me a link to watch her. IDEK.

superfluouslyme replied to your post: I bet my new followers come on, see 

I’ve been following you for a while and I still “WTF” quite often. :)


I bet my new followers come on, see Anonymous Tuesday and they’re like…”Wtf is this!?” Lol!