maxoline-forever: I know you've probably been asked this a million times, I just don't remember. Although i'm pretty sure the answer is no. Have you seen the Quarterback? I didn't but I just watched the performance Make You Feel My Love. I know Finn wasn't the greatest character. But I truly feel they were all thinking of Cory and not Finn there. That really hurt to watch. And you've probably been asked this too but, if you were the writer how would you of handled that situation? 

No, I’m never going to watch that episode to be honest. Hehe, yes I’ve been asked that and I don’t know how I would have handled it because I don’t know what’s been going on with Glee since season 3. I wouldn’t have mixed Cory with Finn, that’s for sure because they were completely (in every sense of the word) different. 

Boss reads random posts from the Simgm Tumblr Naya Simera roleplay blog. In character. Dianna’s here.

Yasssssssss, can their ship name be Double D?

Anonymous: Dianna, if you had to date someone from the Glee cast, who would you pick? 

Dianna Simgron: Dianna Agron.

Anonymous: Ariana Grandsim: You know what else I'm doing before nap time, honey? Slaying on the charts...unlike you. #ratchetsimbitch #buybangbangonsimtunes 

Sim Sean: Ar Ar, what did I tell you about going on the internet past 8:00 PM? Wait until you’re older to chat with grown folk. Now get back to bed and I’ll read you your favorite story.

Anonymous: Have u read flowers in the attic 


Anonymous: Those three cups of coffee at night were once little coffee beans, Lea. Poor fellas. :( 

Lea Michsim: R.I.P. in my stomach.

Anonymous: Dianna! first Lea, now Troian? What is it about brunette Italian ladysims??? 

Dianna Simgron: Nice weather we’re having.

Anonymous: I'm the one asking about Quinn's home life. Haha. I'm sorry, I thought it just didn't get through and you didn't receive it. My apologies! :) 

Sometimes they don’t, but that one did for sure lol! It’s no problem!