simplysydnii: If Cory Monteith didn't pass away, I feel like they should've made the sixth season like about the originals freshman years or something else instead of the current plot they have. 

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Another reminder, we’re still accepting donations. I would like to stress that no money is used for personal purposes. We’re not using this money on:

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Pretty Little Liars: A summary (x)

joey-tyler-connor: hey boss, will you be my Yogi Bear to my Boo Boo lol 


Pretty Little Liars Spoof 8 - A Lying Bitch 

Pretty Little Liars Spoof 8 - A Lying Bitch: In this Pretty Little Liars Spoof, the girls are asking questions and Mona is the one with the answers. Someone is a lying bitch. Subscribe

michellie-tgp: "Blaine and Karofsky are a couple. They are dating. They even have pet names for each other. Yogi Bear and Boo Boo." 

alaskantaco: What I meant to say is, it would be really shocking if they killed of Hannah or Emily since they are such popular characters. But call me crazy but I think now Aria and Ezra have something to do with A-. 

I could believe that.