This was submitted to me:

Really? Wemma’s baby is also a tribute to Finn? First the auditorium and now an innocent child. They should just rename McKinley to Finn Hudson High.

What would the colors be for Finn Hudson High?


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And watch the Glee Spoof Series Finale if you missed it!

Anonymous: Finn whose your favorite spice girl? 

Finn: GERI! I-I mean…uh…that read headed one with the flag dress is okay I guess. 

Anonymous: Hey boss, will you tell your sister that she did an awesome job in the finale, and I enjoyed hearing her voice for more then a few seconds! I especially love when she says "And you didn't wake me up?!" idk why i just like how she sounds. Kudos on the spoof! Love ya'll 

I’ll be sure to tell her this tomorrow! :)

Anonymous: That gif of Puck just makes me realize how much sex appeal he lost right away after Season 1. I mean the guy was good looking at one point then he just looked gross one day. 

I do agree that he looked his best season one. He looked like a different person by season two.

Anonymous: I was just watching the Glee Spoof Finale for the third time so far and I still got mad about Quinn's big plans being cut off. But then I thought of something. What if Quinn's big plans are the Gleedos! Still thank you for the spoofs, I love them so much and I can't wait for the Gleedos. The amount of effort you put into these that Ryan Murphy would never is amazing! 

Lol! Thank you.

Anonymous: Does every song Rachel sings remind her of Finn? Glee makes it seem so, especially in some of the monumental moments in her life. 

Finn….I’m obsessed with Finn.

Anonymous: Was it tiring playing Rachel, Dianna? Lol. 

Dianna Simgron: Not tiring, but I felt very bitchy, selfish, self-centered, and horny by the end of the day.

Anonymous: I have two questions or comments 1. I loved your finale it made me choke up a little and 2. I need a hug from Lea my coffee pot broke today and I almost cried my eyes out :( 

Lea: I remember when I broke my first coffee pot. It was tragic…I had a very loose grip at two.