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Anonymous: my ask: what does gm stands for in simgm 

Oh! It doesn’t stand for anything. Just a play on something else.

Molly Humans!


Anonymous: Which of all the songs (covers, originals, etc) is your favourite? And which one are you most proud of? :3 

My favorite is probably “Obsession of Finn”. I’m most proud of “Don’t Rain on My Coffee" because that was really hard to sing. I like listening to "Terms and Conditions" too along with “Smack That” lol!

Anonymous: Boss: what are your thoughts on the random as hell quick reunion. I don't even like quick but if I was a quicker I would be annoyed as hell over the rush job they did. Don't talk for 2 seasons, saying you'd rather raw dog a beehive and that being crippled beats having sex with you. Yeah real soul mates and love. 

It’s weird.

Anonymous: I know that you want to go into the music industry, but I just wanted to say that you would make an awesome voice actor :) 


Anonymous: I know you've said you would never watch Glee again which I totally understand. I myself am hate-watching til the very end. Curious, though, would you ever consider watching an episode to do a Mystery Science Theater type thing? Like to purposely tear it down for kicks and giggles. I would seriously fund this! 

Nu uh. I meant it when I said I’m never watching another Glee episode again. 

Anonymous: Mark Sallsim: Puckleberry yes or no? 

Mark Sallsim: I’m down with anything involving Puck.

Cory Monsim: Fuck?

Mark Sallsim: …….please tell me that’s a ship name.

Anonymous: I just wanted to tell Boss, your brother, and your sister that I love you guys and I hope you all sleep well tonight and have a nice sibling breakfast together in the morning even though I'm almost certain you guys don't live together... Thanks for the laughs!!! 

Thank you!

We live together hehe! My sister leaves for work at 3:30 am and me and my brother eat our breakfast on our way to the university. You can hear us on our way to school here lol!