Yasssssssss, can their ship name be Double D?

Anonymous: Dianna, if you had to date someone from the Glee cast, who would you pick? 

Dianna Simgron: Dianna Agron.

Anonymous: Ariana Grandsim: You know what else I'm doing before nap time, honey? Slaying on the charts...unlike you. #ratchetsimbitch #buybangbangonsimtunes 

Sim Sean: Ar Ar, what did I tell you about going on the internet past 8:00 PM? Wait until you’re older to chat with grown folk. Now get back to bed and I’ll read you your favorite story.

Anonymous: Have u read flowers in the attic 


Anonymous: Those three cups of coffee at night were once little coffee beans, Lea. Poor fellas. :( 

Lea Michsim: R.I.P. in my stomach.

Anonymous: Dianna! first Lea, now Troian? What is it about brunette Italian ladysims??? 

Dianna Simgron: Nice weather we’re having.

Anonymous: I'm the one asking about Quinn's home life. Haha. I'm sorry, I thought it just didn't get through and you didn't receive it. My apologies! :) 

Sometimes they don’t, but that one did for sure lol! It’s no problem!

Anonymous: Are you planning to make all the obvious endgame pairings in the show happen here? Like finchel, klaine, etc. or will I just have to wait and watch since you answering this would be a major spoiler haha? 

I had said before I don’t believe in endgames.

Anonymous: How awesome would it be to have a cup of Dianna flavored coffee, Lea? 

Lea Michsim: Wha….I… #Finchel #HappyHealthy