Fuck. Glee is doing a song we’re doing for the Gleedos. Ours will be better.

Glee Spoof Series Finale | Goodbye National Props - A series that poked fun at the television show Glee. (more episodes here) Thank you for everything. Look forward to Gleedo.

weezbegoingtobreadstix: What time today should the finale be up by? I'm so excited!!! 

It’ll be airing in 15 minutes. :)


The evolution of Dianna Simgron

I remember before I started this blog, the spoofs had found their way to tumblr and I would read comments on people’s blogs and be like, “Dead? They think the spoofs are dead…? WHY IS EVERYONE SAYING THEY’RE DEAD??”

all-comes-tumbling: Obviously the Glee Spoofs were supposed to represent Christ and his few years on Earth. His resurrection is represented by the Gleedos which will reach the ends of the earth. Did I read to much into it? 

Spoiler Chat Fun Fact


One or more of these “SIMGM Catchphrases” will be mentioned again in the finale as tribute to the spoofs!

crazyforsimgm: I love that the Glee Spoofs aired on Christmas day and are ending on Easter day. 

I honestly didn’t even realize that…

Glee Spoof Finale Spoiler Chat!


It’s been officially revealed that the last spoof episode, ‘Goodbye National Props’, will be uploaded on this Sunday, April 20th. While I would have liked to given you guys the heads up earlier than a day before the chat, I haven’t gotten around to set a date. However, the chat is being scheduled for tomorrow, April 18th at 5:00 PDT / 8:00 EDT. The list of rules for the chat are here to check out. Most importantly, have fun and don’t forget to spread the word! See you all tomorrow. :)



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