findmeovertherainbow: I'm a little TOO convinced that Glee is watching your spoofs. Example 1: SIMGM- Hummelberry duet of Perfect. Glee- Klaine duet of Perfect. Example 2: SIMGM- Brittany accidently changes into a gorilla suit. Glee - Dave wears a gorilla suit. Example 3: SIMGM- Brittany accidently plays a Brittana sex tape. Glee- Brittany puts a Brittana sex tape on Youtube. Example 4: SIMGM- The glee girls sang Cell Block Tango. Glee- They will perform Cell Block Tango in the "Choke" episode. How do you feel? lolz 

Smh. I don’t even know how to feel. 

  1. pancakeshio said: make them pay you for the ideas! hahaha or don´t post a glee spoof in a while, see how they come up with ideas then.
  2. marry-me-naya said: Seriously tho, they’re probably watching it.
  3. courtanna said: You should mention it in a future episode.
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