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Creative Changes

I'm so happy that our latest video Kardashians at a Call Center is performing so well and it had me thinking about our channel overall.

This video, in particular, was super important to me because I had SO much fun writing it! It pulled me out of a creative slump to be honest. It had me pondering...why is it that I have so much fun writing videos like the Kardashians spoofs, the celebrity spoofs, and the like, but I don't have as much fun writing something like our Pretty Little Liars Spoof and HTGAWM Spoof? And, why doesn't the latter series perform as well?

Then, the answer hit me. Those videos don't do as well because I'm isolating our new potential audience. The Pretty Little Liars Spoof, for example, is serialized content meaning you have to watch it all in order, from start to finish, to get what's happening. Otherwise you'll be lost! So if you're new to channel and just want to switch off your brain for a video, you can't with something that has an ongoing story. Like, could you imagine if a vlogger numbered all of their vlogs and in order to understand what's happening in vlog #100 you have to had watched all 100 vlogs!? No one has time for that.

Initially, our spoofs did start off as one-shots and surprise, surprise it's always our first couple spoofs of the series that perform the best! Those are also the most fun for me to write. I don't like having to keep up with continuity and worrying about how I'm gonna keep a story going, I just like writing one shots and our audience seems to agree, the proof is literally right there.

I don't want to fall into the same creatively depressing hole I was in with Glee Spoof which, like my other series, started as one-shots but then there was continuity added and stories to tell/resolve/dragged on. I lost interest, the audience lost interest. It was not fun. Also, animations just take too long to really have a web series type of format. Gleedo was dead in the water.

That means PLL Spoofs will be wrapped up soon, HTGAWM Spoofs will change to monster of the week format, and I'm gonna get rid of the whole episode 1, 2, 3, 4, etc from the titles of our videos when they weren't connecting and one-shots anyway. Same goes for Diva House--it will be in a monster of the week format. Sure some videos might have parts to them, but overall it'll be a new story each video so that ANYONE, not just our subscribers, can jump on and follow.

TL:DR From now on I'm going to make videos the way we used to, the way I'm currently writing our Kardashians spoofs--same characters, same running jokes, but a NEW adventure each video. Monster of the week, if you will. It's so much more enjoyable that way. I'm genuinely excited about this and can't wait to get back to writing what I love.

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